Windows 7 file indexing problem issue

Windows 7 file indexing problem issue

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Windows 7 indexing problem. Windows 7 indexing does not work on partitions/drives other than the C: which the OS is installed on. If you add a file (from another drive) to the indexer and then try to search within you get no results even though there clearly should be.



Nothing worked at all until I did this
Control Panel/Programs and Features/Turn Windows Features on or off (on the left)
Untick Windows Search/OK
Untick Indexing Service/OK
Go there again but this time TICK Windows Search/OK restart
Go there again this time tick Indexing Service. It shouldn't need restart
Go Control Panel/Indexing options and see if the numbers at the top are slowly increasing. you can close it and it still works away in the background.
Hope it works for you. Good luck

Windows 7 search is the worst shit the world has ever conceived. Clearly a total and utter idiot made it. Disabling that idiot indexing service hides the "File Types" tab in Advanced so you can't choose a new file type to search or choose to search the content of an existing file type. I mean come on, how the hell would I know that?
Linux is looking more and more appealing…

After playing around with this issue for ages, I noticed that hard drives with the letters A and B did not index whereas all other drive letters work!! Go into disk manager and assign letters other than A or B to your hard drives. It should work, Let me know people . . .

I have that same problem with indexing & using the search box in Windows 7. The thing is, you would have to manually add a description to your files (i.e. title, rating, genre, tag, etc.) before it shows up in the search box. However, if your files already had descriptions before being placed in Windows 7, you would have to re-type those descriptions in. Hope this helps.

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