Windows NT 4.0 – Installation in Virtualbox

Windows NT 4.0 – Installation in Virtualbox

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Here is my video tutorial on how to install Windows NT 4.0 in Virtualbox!



Windows NT 4.0 ISO:


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a few weeks ago winrar changed all my iso’s i got from you to rar files instead of iso’s but they still have .iso at the end of the file name so i unstalled winrar and got 7-zip and 7-zip works fine it did not change all my iso’s to rar files because when i install a rar file with a iso from you i use 7-zip but it still has rar at the wnd of the file name and 7-zip actully helped me fix my iso converting or changing problem

Little Help Please!! Just Trying To Test Some Older Printers!
I have the Windows NT 4.0 VM installed, I created the virtual optical disk file during install. I select the VM, I go to "settings", I go to "storage", I click "empty", then the "disc icon", then I click "choose virtual optical disk file" but the file is nowhere to be found.. Anyone know what I did wrong??? Where is the VDI????

Let's be honest: NT 4.0 was probably the best Windows operating system from the 90s. It was faster and more stable than 95 and the actually better Windows versions came out in the 2000s.

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