Windows Whistler Build 2428 – Installation in Virtualbox

Windows Whistler Build 2428 – Installation in Virtualbox

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Here is another build of Windows Whistler that was requested to do! This build is a big change in the building of what XP turned out to be with a brand new Luna theme!

How to Install MS-DOS 6.22 in VIrtualbox:

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Windows Whistler Build…



i have a problem i cannot start the installation i started virtual mashine and start installing all files for the installation has been copyed and after rebooting the virtual mashine to continue the windows installation its says error to start the installator and its rebooted and booting again and still giving me this error HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had installed Build 2446 in Virtualbox and i had set the BIOS date back while installing DOS, had installed Whistler 2446 and then, i had restarted the VM and then i will log on into my account and it will a password (i had set no password)! Than i had logged in into the Guest account and it will say: "This version of windows has expired. Windows cannot load." And when i click on OK, a BSOD comes!

Good ol whistler. I actually miss the old logo and the XP logo which is weird I suppose. Also if you find the development of 95, XP, or vista interesting, check out the windows on Windows channel. It's great. Ps, this is not sponsored 😛

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